Are window cleaners allowed to use ladders?

Yes! Window cleaners are allowed to use ladders, as long as they’re safe. The safest way to work, of course, is with two feet on the ground – so wherever possible we prefer to use our water-fed pole system which leaves windows sparkling clean without us having to climb on anything.

For some jobs, a ladder is the only option. When working at height, we always make sure we work safely. For instance, having one of us footing the ladder goes a long way to keeping us both safe.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the final say on how to work safely, so we make sure to follow what it sets out. The Working at Height Regulations 2005 states that working at height should be avoided “where it is reasonably practical to do so”.

We could talk about this fascinating subject all day, but we’d much rather talk about our great, reliable window cleaning service in Porstmouth and Southsea. Get in touch now for a free quote 😉

Do window cleaners use special water?

Well, it’s not ‘Holy Water’ or anything like that! It’s water you can get from the tap but filtered to take out any sediments and minerals. Leaving it ‘Pure.’

It’s these impurities that cause spotting and streaking when tap water is left to dry on a surface. That’s why we use purified water.

We purify our water by passing it through a series of filters and resins and using a process called reverse osmosis. Sounds fancy!

How much do window cleaning services cost?

It can vary depending on the size of the house and the work needing to be carried out. A factor can be how long it’s been since they were last cleaned. But it’s relatively inexpensive. Our prices start from as little as £6!

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What does window cleaning include?

Here at Elephant Window Cleaning we clean the Glass, Frames, Sills and Doors as standard. And our work always comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee! We believe the whole window should be cleaned, not just the glass.

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How often are windows cleaned?

That depends on your needs. Most customers choose to have there windows cleaned once every 4-12 weeks. Factors can include living near a busy road or trees.

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Can windows be cleaned with vinegar?

They can! But, experts have tested the old wives’ tale and found that while vinegar might leave your windows shiny and clean, it won’t kill off dangerous germs.

If you want to give it a go yourself we’d simply recommend hot and soapy water….or just give us a call 😉

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Can window cleaners work in the rain?

Yes! Rain water is actually incredibly pure (not containing sediment and minerals) so does not make the windows dirty.  It’s an Old Wives Tales to say, “Window cleaners shouldn’t be cleaning in the rain.”

But when the pure rain water is mixed with dirt, for example during a storm, it will produce dirty water. But all sane window cleaners wouldn’t be working during a storm, because the poles they use are carbon fibre and highly conductive! Not great to be out waving that around when there’s lightning about! 🌩

It may seem counterintuitive to clean windows during the rain but we’re so confident it doesn’t effect the windows that all our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee! So any problems, we come and clean them again, completely free of charge of course.

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What time can window cleaners start work?

As early as their customer is happy with! Most people in the UK wouldn’t want you at their property before 8:30am. But sometimes if they need to do the job before the customer goes to work it will be earlier. They would arrange beforehand a time that suits all.
So unless you’ve got a peeping Tom for a window cleaner you shouldn’t expect anyone too early and hopefully they’ll knock the door to let you know they’ve arrived!

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Are window cleaning businesses profitable?

Yes! As with providing any service the key is to be good at what you do! People want a service that’s professional and with a company that they can trust. Usually customers are prepared to pay a little more for this level of service.


Do window cleaners work in winter?

Yes! 🥶 It gets a little cold but there are good reasons to keep your windows clean during the winter months:

* If there’s ever a time you want to let the sunshine in, it’s the winter! Many people mistakenly think the rain will make the windows dirty, so there’s no point having them cleaned. But as we explained in, Can window cleaners work in the rain?, it’s not the rain the makes the windows dirty. So your windows won’t get much dirtier than in the summer months.

* Also, when the frames are left for a considerable amount of time it could result in staining or discolouration that is hard, if not impossible, to remove. So keeping the windows and the frames clean preserves there appearance and long term damage.

Are window cleaners still working during the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes! As long as they are conforming to the social distancing standards and take most payments online.